Rimeonline reduced

been reducing the horizon temporarily
experts do not always agree
plausibility is the quay

cosmetic surgery business enhanced
Are you still ?

Rimeonline rime hoodwink

can it be trusted
question Mark
about deception or flattery
exclamation Mark
can be excitement
through the act of typing

Rimeonline rime otion

the otion blue
a goaty beerd
super seeded
rings of Grainne
I’ll tell you now
just like I told Elsa Lanchester
I don’t ever want to go
to Cummerbund

hobby breeder says
it was upon a sommers shynie day
violets blew paul’s himalayan musk
les roses sont roses

Rimeonline rimebash

fed up with fandango
worn thin the upcycled shindig
popped past the popping in point
question Mark’s repurposed question marks
have you noticed the honeysuckle this morning
question mark Mark

Rimeonline rimeopinion

probably the last warm day of the year
I have a bad leg
chase the tide
no shelter when it rains
a very low-key old fashioned beach
a rather unattractive cheap pound-type shop
the tide was out

a dissenting pamphleteer
literary embroidery was discouraged
strangely oracular
sea-change to a community’s zeitgeist
a vatic voice
renounced poetic vocation

Rimeonline rimeknowledge

on 33215 days she awoke
is a ruler and wealth is its subject
is His power
comes by eyes always open
increaseth strength
comes but wisdom lingers
is good for the gander
of all things is possible
is not information
grows where my Rosemary goes
is to know that we know what we know and to know that we do not know what we do not know
on day 33216

Rimeonline rimealong

Pronounce it toe-mart-oh
listen to the music
wait for the squirrels
then relax

Previously published public password-protected posts permissable providing passable pieces pleasant passages persistent pauses pious pictures promoting pompose portentous polemics possibly

Rimeonline wavewavewave

You never play me
is it a deliberate ignoration
so abysmal that no thin shaft of understanding penetrates it
the ambivalence was barely audible

No new nonsense question Mark if he’s back from the shops
more complex nonsense Mr Lushington
wandering unrepressed nonsense minstrel
there was an old manwomanman who was weird

Rimeonline rimecurtain

Dignitas online
this option is not available at the moment
this option is no longer available
life is for life
our passion is to make life better
more beautiful more colourful more worth living
these days modern life can mean that we’re a lot less active
we’ve gone from being the main ingredient in the recipe
the cheese in the fondue
to a pinch of spice
that’s not a loss of stature in the cosmic kitchen
but a promotion
think about this the next time you wonder
whether life has any meaning

Rimeonline wavedgerime

It’s a truth universally acknowledged STC
Mrs C was a member of the midwife themselves club
water water water water
you’re everywhere and nowhere baby

A moment of self-discovery
in the canyons of your mind
a cascading reminiscence bump
reminds me of me

Rimeonline waverime

Oh coral
oh kneel
have you changed question Mark and other suspects
don’t ever clone me

Unlike radishes
celery is hard to grow
tomatoes are usually red
waves never repeat
unlike snowdonia

Rimeonline rime online rime

the opposite of apposite

One day while cycling in Guam
A bagworm startled young Juno
Not considered a pest
The young lad did his utmost
but metamorphosed into Mae East

When your mother’s gone
and your sister
and cousins Rena, Madge and Margaret
and your mum’s friend Mrs Bolton
I’ll be the one
who has known you the longest 

Rimeonline not all poems rime like the ancient marina

Not all poems rime
not all spellchecks work
despite my love of verse
this chickens out to get some milk

That well-known typing error Spike Milligna
meets Dr JCC you make life a fairy tale… Grimm!
and Mr Lear that old manwomanman

You took me to Ikea
the land of meatballs and money
At the heart of the concept is the vision
to create a better everyday life for the many people
THX … you make me feel brand blue